Introducing: The BGE Rental Inventory Financing Program

Creating positive cashflow from the start.

Program Overview

Are the upfront costs of your rentals putting a strain on your business? BGE has a program that can help!

The BGE Rental Financing Program is a brand new program from BGE designed to help grow your store's rental business without any strain on cash flow. 

Through extended terms and an interest only payment period up front, this program allows your store to better align your loan payments with your rental income  - creating positive cashflow much sooner than other financing routes.

The Details

Qualifying Product: instrument purchases exceeding $10,000 that are exclusively for rental by an approved manufacturer/vendor. 

Available Terms: up to 36 month financing plus an interest only payment period. 

Interest Only Payment: due at the time the lease is signed and will equal the total interest calculated from the expected ship date through September 15th. 

First Regular Payment: due on September 15th, 2023 at an interest rate of Prime plus 6%. Payments will be collected via ACH.

How to Get Approved

Complete our online dealer credit application HERE and provide your last two year-end financial statements. Instruments may not be shipped by manufacturer/vendor until BGE provides credit approval.

Dealers seeking payments longer than 12 months after the interest only period will be required to forward all original contracts annually to BGE for safe keeping. 

Questions? Contact Bill Gray at