Yamaha Piano Program (Rent-to-Rent)

This program was designed to provide the appropriate financing needed to enable Yamaha Piano Dealers to build a piano rental pool. Follow the related links to learn more about how this program can work for your store.

Yamaha provides table tent cards with a “Rent Me” message that you can place around the store. We also supply digital artwork for you to make in-store signs to attract customers. In addition, Yamaha offers special BGE terms to make it easy for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Purchase Price: $
  • 36 months
  • 60 months


The Yamaha Rent-to-Rent program is designed to assist Yamaha Piano Dealers in purchasing pianos to be used for rental. Many customers will only rent a piano, either because of a temporary need or because they are cautious about making a purchase decision. The rental business provides numerous benefits to piano retailers, and building a rental pool to service these customers can help you in many ways:

Frequently Asked Questions

Program 1 – Yamaha Flooring Dealers

A Line of Credit to be used exclusively for rental pianos will be provided by BGE Financial in addition to your existing Yamaha Flooring. This will be a pre-approved Credit Line available for your future or existing inventory and it doesn’t impact your existing open-to-buy.

Minimum Order: $0

Qualifying Models: Any Yamaha acoustic piano, Disklavier, AvantGrand or Clavinova.

Rate: Prime + 6% to BGE Financial.

BGE Term: Rented pianos financed by BGE Financial Corporation for up to 60 months.


Program 2 – Yamaha Open Account Dealers

Credit will be extended under the B90 term for any pianos that are designated for rental.

Minimum Order: $2,000

Qualifying Models