BGE's Installation Financing is designed to financially assist schools, universities, municipalities, nonprofit organizations with the cost of audio installation projects. BGE's program reduces the upfront capital needed for the project and eases the annual budget with extended terms. The links on the right explain the benefits and details of our plan and help you calculate your monthly payments. Our step-by-step procedures walk you through our financing process. You can also login and create an account to complete a proposal.

Step by Step Procedures for Dealers

  1. Dealer discusses the equipment needs with its customer.
  2. Dealers go to and click on Create Lease Proposal button
  3. Dealer Logs in (first-time users will need to create their own login).
  4. Dealer completes the worksheet by listing desired product with their list and selling prices. Fills in freight (if not included in selling price), sales tax (if applicable), filling fee (if product is being installed) and then clicks on Calculate Proposal for payment amount.
  5. Now the dealer has two options
    1. Print the proposal without selling prices. This version will show retail prices only in the Proposal.
    2. Print the proposal with selling prices. This version will show the list price and the selling price for each item.
  6. Upon preparation, the proposal may be printed. The customer can now see their exact costs and decide on the lease plan that suits their needs. The customer will need to sign the lease/purchase proposal. Once signed, the dealer will fax or email it along with a copy of the dealer worksheet to BGE, which can be printed from the dealer’s saved proposals on the BGE site.
  7. Dealer may edit or modify saved proposals at any time by logging into their BGE account.
  8. After BGE receives the proposal and worksheet, BGE will credit approve the customer. Upon approval, a lease and instructions will be emailed directly to the customer.
  9. Upon BGE receiving a signed proposal and obtaining credit approval, a lease and instructions will be mailed directly to the customer.
  10. Upon BGE receiving a signed lease, dealer will receive authorization to drop-ship or deliver the product and complete the installation.
  11. Dealer completes the installation and invoices BGE as instructed.
  12. Once all products have been received by the customer, the same person who signed the lease will need to sign the Acceptance Certificate portion of the lease and return it as directed along with a check in the amount of the first payment.
  13. The lease will be funded in full within 10 days after receiving the signed lease, the signed Acceptance Certificate, the first payment and the dealer’s invoice.


BGE Professional Audio Installation Financing generates the following benefits:

  • Helps beat inflation by obtaining the equipment needed today while avoiding annual price increases.
  • Gives schools, municipalities and nonprofits the opportunity to improve their audio equipment while remaining within their budget.
  • Helps schools, municipalities and nonprofits make upgrades to their audio equipment they otherwise could not afford.


  • BGE Professional Audio Installation Financing generates the following benefits:
  • Increased Sales - Schools, Municipalities and Nonprofits may be purchasing a portion of the next 3-5 years’ budgets
  • Dealers are required to service the equipment for the term of the lease so the schools, municipalities and nonprofits must maintain a relationship with the dealer.
  • Dealers can develop long, mutually beneficial relationships with schools, municipalities and nonprofits through leasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For what entities does BGE provide Installation Financing?

    This plan is designed to meet the current needs of public, private or parochial Schools, Municipalities and credit-approved Nonprofits.

  • What can be financed?

    Any combination of speakers and equipment.

  • What happens at the end of the lease?

    Your customer's obligations under the lease are completed after all of the payments, including the final payment of $1, are remitted to BGE.

  • Who covers the insurance on the instruments?

    Your customer as lessee is required to have insurance for any theft, mysterious disappearance, or damage to any or all items/equipment covered by the lease. Any such loss does not relieve your customer of any of the terms or conditions of the contract. Maintenance, including that required during the life of the lease due to normal wear and tear, is the responsibility of the lessee. Optional insurance is available through BGE with a $0 deductible and 100% coverage.

  • Does BGE offer a Municipal Lease for public schools and universities?

    Yes, all leases for public schools and universities would be on municipal-lease documentation unless instructed otherwise.

  • Do the limited warranty provisions apply to leased equipment?

    The equipment installed will have a standard limited warranty as provided by the manufacturer. The dealer (VENDOR) will be responsible for servicing the product as if it were sold equipment.

  • Can the lease be paid off early?

    Yes, your customer can pay the lease off early and receive a rebate of unearned lease charges.

  • Is there a maximum term?

    Yes, the maximum term is 5 years.

  • Who is responsible for the shipping cost?

    The music dealer will include the shipping cost in the lease payment.

Calculate a Payment & Buying Power

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