Schools, Municipalities, and Nonprofits

BGE's Installation Financing is designed to financially assist schools, universities, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations with the cost of audio installation projects. BGE's program reduces the upfront capital needed for the project and eases the annual budget with extended terms. The links on the right explain the benefits and details of our plan and help you calculate your monthly payments. Our step-by-step procedures walk you through our financing process.

Step-by-Step Procedures

  1. Schools, municipalities and Nonprofits discuss needs with local Yamaha Professional Audio dealer.
  2. The dealer will prepare a lease proposal for the school, municipality or nonprofit stating the exact cost of a 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-year lease plan.
  3. A formal lease will be prepared and sent to the school, municipality or nonprofit for authorized signatures.
  4. Upon receipt of signed lease documents, the dealer will be notified to order product and begin the installation process.
  5. The school, municipality or nonprofit will then sign the acceptance certificate and return it along with the first annual or monthly payment.
  6. The subsequent payments will be due on the anniversary date of the lease.
  7. After the lease has been paid in full, the school, municipality or nonprofit may purchase the sound equipment on the lease for $1.00.


BGE Financial Installation Financing:

  • Helps beat inflation by obtaining the equipment needed today while avoiding annual price increases.
  • Gives schools, municipalities and nonprofits the opportunity to improve their sound equipment while remaining within their budget.
  • Helps schools, municipalities and nonprofits make upgrades to their sound equipment they otherwise could not afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For what entities does BGE provide Installation Financing?

    This plan is designed to meet the current needs of public, private or parochial Schools, Municipalities and credit approved Nonprofits.

  • What can be financed?

    Any combination of speakers and equipment sold by Yamaha Professional Audio. Labor cost may be included as part of the financing, but is subject to a limitation of 15% of the total cost.

  • What happens at the end of the lease?

    Your customer's obligations under the lease are completed after all of the payments, including the final payment of $1, are remitted to BGE.

  • Who covers the insurance on the instruments?

    Your customer as lessee is required to have insurance for any theft, mysterious disappearance, or damage to any or all items/equipment covered by the lease. Any such loss does not relieve your customer of any of the terms or conditions of the contract. Maintenance, including that required during the life of the lease due to normal wear and tear, is the responsibility of the lessee. Optional insurance is available through BGE with a $0 deductible and 100% coverage.

  • Does BGE offer a Municipal Lease for public schools and universities?

    Yes, all leases for public schools and universities would be on municipal lease documentation unless instructed otherwise.

  • Do the limited warranty provisions apply to leased equipment?

    The equipment installed will have a standard limited warranty as provided by Yamaha. The dealer (VENDOR) will be responsible for servicing the product as if it were sold equipment.

  • Can the lease be paid off early?

    Yes, your customer can pay the lease off early and receive a rebate of unearned lease charges.

  • Is there a minimum lease amount?

    Yes, $50,000 is the minimum lease base amount, and the maximum term of 5 years may be used.

  • Who is responsible for the shipping cost?

    The music dealer will include the shipping cost in the lease payment.

Calculate a Payment & Buying Power

Enter the purchase price to see an annual payment amount. Please contact BGE for non-municipal payments over $100,000. 

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