Yamaha Professional Audio Rental Inventory Financing

BGE Financial Corporation offers financing for Yamaha Professional Audio dealers on new rental inventory purchases of speakers and products sold by PA. This program is specifically designed to align payments for new purchases with the rental income stream without tying up cash or credit lines.


The Rental Inventory Financing for Speakers and Products sold by Yamaha Professional Audio:

  • Enables dealers to grow without a strain on cash flow.
  • Aligns payments for product with an income stream.
  • Does not tie up PA or bank credit lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this financing be paid off early without penalty?

    Yes; a pay down or payment in full will reduce interest costs, and there is no early payment penalty.

  • Is there a minimum amount for this program?

    Yes, the minimum for this program is a total purchase price of $50,000.

  • How are payments processed?

    BGE will collect payments monthly via automatic withdrawal from a checking account.

  • Do I need to get pre-approved for this program?

    No, simply place an order on the BL3 or BH3 term and BGE will work with the PA Division on an approval.

Step by Step Procedures

Qualifying Product
New rental inventory purchases of speakers and products sold by Yamaha Professional Audio.


  • Dealer places order with PA under the appropriate term
  • PA credit contacts BGE for approval
  • Dealer signs PPS Agreement with BGE to process loan payment by ACH
  • PA ships equipment and bills dealer.
  • PA collects any payments due prior to BGE purchase
  • BGE purchases invoices as agreed
  • BGE collects the balance of payments via ACH
  • Dealers may make pay down or pay off their balance early without penalty